$150 million in savings, $0 Copay!
$150 million in savings, $0 Copay!
Setting the Industry Standard
Setting the Industry Standard
WIN/WIN: Employees & Sponsors
WIN/WIN: Employees & Sponsors


CanaRx was the first international prescription provider (IPP) to introduce and supply a public sector program in America. SpringfieldMeds (launched in 2003) grew to a giant success, saving millions of dollars for the plan and its employees. Soon after, the first program in New York State, SchenectadyMeds, was launched. These programs remain the models for over 300 community, school board, county and state programs currently enrolled and supplied by CanaRx today.

In addition, CanaRx developed, piloted and supplied several state-sponsored initiatives such as the I-SaveRx program. These programs provided low cost, safe medications to the residents of Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Vermont and Rhode Island until the introduction of Medicare Part D.


CanaRx is a privately held company incorporated in 2002. Founded by doctors, pharmacists and health care professionals, the goal was and is to provide safe affordable brand name maintenance medications at a reduced cost to all American residents.


Our staff is dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction to both the Plan Sponsor and all individual participants. Our goal is to provide a positive “yes” environment with direct lines of communication for the immediate resolution of all concerns.

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Why CanaRx?

In the past 15 years CanaRx has launched over 300 public and private sector programs throughout the United States. Customized employee communications such as introductory education brochures, mailings, and enrollment packages are designed to further increase individual participation to help ensure the success of each program. CanaRx organizes each program to ensure prompt and convenient communication, on a 24/7/365 basis, with every enrollee. Concurrently the CanaRx Service Team provides on-site employee seminars to further enhance member participation. The result is a savings of over 60% to the plan holder with zero administration fees.

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Unparalleled Safety

CanaRx contracts government-licensed physicians, pharmacists and pharmacies in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand (Tier-1 countries as designated by Congress) to supply brand name medications, packaged and sealed by the original manufacturer, for direct delivery to all participants. All medications shipped by CanaRx are Tier-1 country safety certified for local distribution. No other sources are used. In addition, CanaRx maintains and updates health/drug profiles for all clients. This information is required to identify and assess drug allergies and interactions using our American based Drug Utilization Review, which is reviewed by an independent pharmacist.

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