We’re the simple, safe and smart way for both public and private-sector employees to get brand-name maintenance medications.

In fact, CANARX sets the standard for safety and savings in our industry.

Founded in 2002, CANARX was the first International Prescription Service Provider (IPSP) to introduce and facilitate a personal importation option for a public-sector program in America. Since then, CANARX has worked with numerous states, counties, municipalities, and public and private-sector companies to save their self-funded health plans and members millions of dollars on prescription costs.


We’re the easy way for patients to get prescription medications. Medications are sent from the pharmaceutical manufacturer to Tier 1 countries, then from the wholesaler to the registered pharmacist and, finally, directly to the patient in the manufacturer’s original sealed packaging.

CANARX offers hundreds of brand-name maintenance medications that you can get – copay-free – in just a few easy steps.

It’s as easy as enrolling to take advantage of this convenience.


Sourced from Tier 1 countries designated by the U.S. Congress, medications are backed by a Quality Assurance Team of doctors and pharmacists as well as 20-plus years of experience in the industry.

CANARX professionals regularly inspect all licensed pharmacies to ensure that all safety protocols and all American/source country regulations are met. We only use government-certified products from federally-approved facilities.

CANARX offers hundreds of brand-name maintenance medications. But it’s the prescriptions we don’t facilitate – like generics, narcotics and temperature-sensitive meds – that make us the safest, most transparent program out there. Since the very beginning, our primary goal has been to ensure public safety.


With our program, patients pay $0 in copays and, instead of waiting in line at the pharmacy, our medications are shipped right to their door for free.

Basically, employers pay much less for the medications and share these big-time savings with end-users.

How is this possible? Unlike other Tier 1 countries utilized by CANARX, the U.S. does not negotiate any medication costs due to heavy lobbying in Washington, D.C. As a result, most multinational drug companies report record earnings, reaping over half of their worldwide profits in America alone.

CANARX contracts government-licensed pharmacies in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia (Tier 1 countries as designated by Congress) to supply brand-name medications, packaged and sealed by the original manufacturer, for direct delivery to all participants.


Our first public sector program in America SpringfieldMeds (launched in 2003) grew to a giant success, saving millions of dollars for the plan and its employees in Massachusetts. Soon after, the first program in New York state, SchenectadyMeds, was launched. These programs remain the models for community, school board, county and private-sector programs currently enrolled and supplied by CANARX today.

These programs remain the models for community, school board, county and private-sector programs currently enrolled and supplied by CANARX today.

In addition, CANARX developed, piloted and supplied several state-sponsored initiatives, such as the I-SaveRx program. These programs provided low-cost, safe medications to the residents of Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Vermont and Rhode Island until the introduction of Medicare Part D.

All CANARX programs are based on voluntary participation to comply with regulatory directives that allow individuals to import medications for personal use.