How long has CANARX been in business?

Established in 2002, CANARX was founded by doctors, pharmacists and health care professionals. The goal was and is to provide safe, affordable brand-name maintenance medications at a reduced cost to U.S. residents.

How can CANARX enable our members to acquire these medications at a lower cost than their local source?

Savings are a result of what is known as “Single Payer Healthcare”. In this model, governments negotiate pricing with each pharmaceutical supplier guaranteeing the lowest cost possible. CANARX source countries employ this model. In the United States, pharmaceutical providers are free to set their own prices, which typically results in much higher prices.

How much money can WE save by implementing the CANARX program?

This depends on many factors but in general our customers see savings of 65% to 75% on the local retail price of approved brand-name maintenance medications. Contact us for a custom program savings analysis.

Where do the medications come from?

Medications are shipped directly from licensed and regulated pharmacies in “Tier 1” countries only (Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia). They are government-certified products from federally approved facilities. They are all delivered in the manufacturers’ original sealed packaging.

Is the program insured against liability?

CANARX carries full general and professional liability insurance, which also extends to the plan holder as well as cyber insurance.

How much will this cost us?

The CANARX price is all-inclusive. There are no further charges such as onboarding, electronic transaction fees or per-member, per-month administration costs.

What medications are available through your program?

The program formulary offers over 750 widely-used, brand-name maintenance medications. Contact us for more details.

What medications are excluded from your program?

To ensure the safety of your members, CANARX programs exclude several types of medications. These include, but are not limited to, controlled substances (narcotics) and medications requiring refrigeration. Contact us for a complete overview of what medications we do not offer and why.

Is there a copay for prescriptions filled through your company?

There are no copays charged to participants. The high program savings allow plan holders to offer the program at no charge to members. This helps drive member adoption. It’s a true win-win scenario.

How do we get started?

Contact us today to kick off the design of your own custom program with one of our skilled implementation specialists.