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We set the standard for prescription medication safety and savings

Zero Copays

Highest Safety Standards in the Industry

Sourced from Tier 1 countries designated by the U.S. Congress, medications are backed by a Quality Assurance Team of doctors and pharmacists as well as 20-plus years of experience in the industry. CANARX professionals regularly inspect all licensed pharmacies to ensure that all safety protocols and all American/source country regulations are met. We only use government-certified products from federally approved facilities.

The CANARX formulary does NOT include injectable Semaglutide or Tirzepatide.

Easy to Use

We’re the simple and safe way to get your prescription medications. There’s no need to wait in line at a pharmacy. Medications are sent from the pharmaceutical manufacturer to Tier 1 countries, then from the wholesaler to the registered pharmacist and, finally, directly to you in the manufacturer’s original sealed packaging.

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Simple. Safe. Smart.

Learn more about CANARX and our process. Find out how we keep things simple and safe when getting brand-name medications right to your door. Best of all, there are $0 in co-pays for this service.

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Implement CANARX for your company in just a few easy steps.

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Is your self-insured, public-sector company, organization or municipality interested an International Prescription Service Provider (IPSP)? Request a savings assessment that includes a full medication list and implementation instructions and more below!

Success Stories

Not only do members save hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but so do participating municipalities and organizations. Learn more about how our simple and safe process has delivered incredible savings over our two decades in the International Prescription Service Provider (IPSP) business.