It’s not too good to be true. CANARX has shown time and again they set the standard for safety and savings in the industry they’ve been a part of for more than 20 years. Those safety and savings have pleased employers for decades now, making a lasting impression in some cases.

Stephanie M. Koch, current Director of Human Resources at Tampa, Florida-based Hendry Marine Industries, had implemented CANARX at her previous company and it made a big impression right away.

“I quickly became a big fan because I personally used the product myself,” Koch said. “I was happy to present it here.”

When she arrived at Hendry Marine in 2019, she was unimpressed with the pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) in place and began looking into other options. Her previous PBM that used the CANARX model naturally became the top choice for the company of about 350 employees.

“We were able to successfully implement the new health care model including the new PBM and CANARX and happily tell our employees that if you have an eligible prescription, you can get it at no cost,” Koch said. “And, by the way, after you do it the first time, you have nothing else you have to do because they are going to continue to reach out.

“It’s the easiest program,” she said.

It was easy to implement on the administrative side as well. CANARX worked with Koch to attend employee communications meetings and distribute promotional materials with instructions to sign up.

“It also helped tremendously that they are an integrated partner with our pharmacy benefit manager. So, when our PBM would notice that a member was trying to fill a prescription that was eligible for CANARX, they would reach out to the member,” Koch said.

Knowing that the safety standards in the Tier 1 countries where the medications are sourced meet or exceed those in the U.S. provides an extra layer of comfort. CANARX has a long history in the industry and excellent track record of safety as the medications are delivered in the original, sealed manufacturer’s packaging. All this is in addition to the savings CANARX is also known for.

“It’s not a too-good-to-be-true, it is true and it saves our employees money and it saves the company money,” Koch said. “It’s a win-win.”